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Cape Fear Yacht Club Commodores (1995-2020)

Leadership Team
Flag Officers

Commodore - Deborah Alt

Vice Commodore - Rich Perlini

Rear Commodore - John Bates

Fleet Captain - Don Feather

Board of Governors

Susan Forsyth

Bill Happer

Peter Brown

Susan Payne

Stephen Kane

Commodore's Committees

Nominating Chair: Norman Smith

Historian: Jerry Gable

SAYRA/US Sailing Liaison: John Bates

Vice Commodore's Committee Chairs

Membership: Stephen Kane

House Management:  Fred Waddle

Rentals: Debbie Rodriguez/Rose Blucher/Monica Rudolf

Recording Secretary: Monica Rudolf

Technology: Bob Holben, Geoff Gallagher,

Communications/Publicity: Ray Barkalow

Bar Manager:  Rich & Kate Perlini

Rear Commodore's Committee Chairs

Treasurer: Jack Clegg

Social: Kate Perlini/Rose Blucher

Youth Sailing: John Bates

Ships Store: Karen Andrews

Fleet Captain's Committee Chairs

Asset Management: OPEN

Race Committee: TBD

Cruising Fleet: Don Feather/Ron Miller

Paddlers: Al Noble

History of Commodores

2022-           Deborah Alt

2020-2021    Norman Smith

2018-2019    Billy Coleman

2016-2018    Linda Schrum

2015-2016    Woody Wilson

2013-2014    Ray Bolling

2012             Janice Duncan-Ramieh

2011             Jim Craven

2009-2010    Woody Wilson

2008             Butch Shirkey

2007             Rob Wartchow

2005-2006    Stanley Mandell

2004             Scott Hill

2003             Jerry Gable

2002             Billy Coleman

2001             Tom Harrington

1999-2000     Keith Reschly

1996-1998     Mark Tallon

1994-1995.    Hank Grupe