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Cape Fear Yacht Club

Volume 1  

Update from the Commodore:

Greetings fellow members! It is my honor to be representing the CFYC as your commodore! I hope you are all as excited about the upcoming year as I am. Having just celebrated our 25th year in existence, I think this is a perfect opportunity to build on our successes and launch new ideas and initiatives for the next 25!

I trust you are reading this through an email, CFYC website, or CFYC Facebook Group page. It is my intent to utilize this type of forum to regularly update the membership on club happenings, Board of Governors decisions, and important changes in bylaws and policies. To that end, I would encourage each of you to contribute to this update. If there is something you think would be interesting to the membership, write-up a quick article and we will post it here.

I would like to take a moment to review the CFYC Initiatives for 2020;

-Strengthen Financials

-Social Event Involvement / Member Participation

-Focus on Yachting

-Improved Club Communications

-I spoke briefly about each of these initiatives during my comments at the Annual Meeting and the Commodores Ball. The intent of all of this is to improve the Value of Membership. It is my belief that in doing so, we will also increase the number of memberships. Some details on each of these follows

Strengthen Financials

There is a lot of work going on in this area including;

-Transition and turnover of the Treasurer position from Stuart McDaniel to Jim Newman

-Transition to full credit card billing for all customary club expenses – work in progress

-Transition to annual billing frequency for all memberships – work in progress

-Creation of a solid budget for 2020 – Expected to be drafted by January 1st, 2020

-Refine interface between CFYC and Youth Sailing organizations

-Build reserves to deal with emergent issues – Goal to increase 5K in 2020

Social Event Involvement / Member Participation

As I mentioned in my remarks, this is one of the things the club has always done very well. We have the unique benefit of having a dedicated clubhouse in which we can host social gatherings of all types. This is also an area in which we typically see the best member attendance. The club already has a strong social committee working hard to plan events for 2020. To that end, you should already have seen a communication from the board asking for member participation and involvement

There is a meeting on January 10th at 2:00pm so please attend and bring your ideas and enthusiasm. Without our volunteer committee chairs and participants, our social scene would not exist! If you have questions, ideas or comments, please contact Ginger Vallaster or Linda Schrum.

Focus on Yachting

The yacht club has a very successful Youth Sailing organization and active cruising contingent. Let’s keep doing those things well. I would ask that each of you check with our Fleet Captain Rich Alt to see what you can do to help Youth Sailing. Also, come to the Cruising Planning Meeting on January 22nd at 6:00pm to discuss where and when you would like the club to cruise in 2020. Don Feather is our cruising chair and welcomes all input!

The club is going to organize some additional on the water events this year to get as many club members on the water as possible. First, we are planning a CFYC Fishing Tournament. This will be a member’s only event and is tentatively planned to take place in May. Past Commodore Captain Billy Coleman will be offering fishing advice in a seminar prior to the event. So, get those center consoles warmed up!

One of the things most successful yacht clubs sponsor is a PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) racing program. The CFYC ran a successful PHRF for over 20 years, I don’t see why we can’t run a race or two for members. My vision for this is that we get our sailboat owning members out for a low stress fun race (regatta), sometime in the fall. We would couple it with a social and awards afterwards. We can also run some basic racing rules clinics prior to the event to help the uninitiated feel more comfortable participating. More on this in future updates.

Improved Club Communications 

I hope this is the first of many updates provided this year. Our Communications Chair, Ted Brockman has set up a dedicated CFYC Facebook Group page which is accessible by any member in good standing. The intent will be to publish regular club updates through links to the club website provided via email and Facebook updates. As always, let us know how were doing getting the message out!

As you can see, there are a lot of great things going on in your club!

Fair winds and following seas !

Norm Smith


In this Edition

-Update from the Commodore.

-Coming Events.

-CFYC Starts a Youth Sailing Racing Team.

-Let’s Welcome Our New Members.

-Did You Know??

A Hardy Welcome to Our New Members!!

Scott Lawrence

Lee Roberts

Karl and Linda Stelzer

Allen and Linda Dobbs

Gary and Kate Green

Charles and Shannon Gladden

Carolyn and Michael Dennis

Jack and Susan Clegg

Ceilidh Creech

Welcome to the Club!!


Did You Know??

CFYC Has a “Members Only” Facebook Page!

Something new for the New Year:

CFYC Members Only Facebook Page

Access to this page is for CFYC Members only, by invitation. All Members in good standing of CFYC are invited to participate.

Club related comments, posts and pictures are welcomed. They will then be shared with all participating Club members.

Interested in joining?

Just send an email to




January Events:

1-1-20 Polar Plunge/PJ Party

1-8-20 (Wednesday) Bar Night 6 PM

1-18-20 (Saturday) Chinese New Year

1-26-20 (Wednesday) Bar Night 6 pm

February Events:

2-2-20 (Sunday) Super Bowl (Bar Night)

2-14-20 (Friday) Valentine’s Day

2-14-20 (Friday) Bar Night- 60’s Night 6 pm

March Events:

3-14-20 (Saturday) St Patrick’s Day/ Commissioning

3-15-20 (Sunday) Blessing of the Fleet.

3-19-20 (Thursday) Bar Night 6 pm

3-31-20 (Tuesday) Bar Night 6 pm


CFYC Committee Meetings

Interested in getting involved?

Participating in one of our Committees is a great way to meet members and help the Club.

-Membership Committee: Jan. 3rd, 10 am

-Board of Governors: Jan. 14th, Feb. 11th and Mar. 10th at 6 pm

-Social Committee: Jan 10th at 2 pm

-Cruising Committee: Jan. 22nd at 6 pm

All of these meeting take place at the CFYC

The CFYC Youth Sailing Team Opens 2020 with a

New Years Feast and Polar Plunge Fund Raising Event

The Youth Sailing Race Team, is a new initiative that we are in the works of reactivating. The team is made up of member’s children, grandchildren and instructors ranging from 8 to 18 years old. This team is for young sailors that wish to pursue racing competitively on either a club 420 or opti sailboat.

Currently we are holding Race Team meetings once a month, however once the season takes off, we will be holding weekly team practices, and attending races at other yacht clubs. Our goal this year is to attend the required amount of races set forth by SAYRA (South Atlantic Youth Race Association) so the racers can compete in the spring/summer series. This consists of at a minimum of four races they will be competing in starting in March.

We are currently working towards raising monies for the kids to have team shirts, jackets, and rash guards. Along with that our hope is to raise enough money to have racing sails, rudders, dagger boards, and over all tackle. We are also looking to obtain two 420s and two optis rigged for the racing team for competition only. 


We are off to a wonderful start! We had our first fundraiser New Year feast /polar plunge on January 1st and raised close to $800.00. We can’t thank everyone who attended enough for supporting the Race Team in this endeavor that they are all so passionate about! If you have an interest in the Youth Racing Team give me a shout or email:

Katie Coleman-Green

Optimized Process

Cape Fear Yacht Club 
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Mailing Address:
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